“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle.

From the back of the bus...the tiny orange bus

This is what I see a from the Urbano (little bus) to and from the apartment to grocery store and back. Travel books tell tourist that no cars are allowed in the village and they believe that. However, the little bus, delivery trucks, cars of residents and tourist who are staying in the village, and the random vehicle that fits into none of those categories all can drive into the village. The orange bus is very loud, but it’s amazing how often they are right upon a tourist before someone pulls them out of the way or finally they catch on.

I enjoy watching people take photos. Collectively we must have taken millions of photos of the same scenes. I understand the thrill of seeing for the first time through the buildings and out into the countryside. That, for sure, requires a photo to show the folks back home, post on FB or just as a jog when traveling through one’s memories.

James Birmingham1 Comment