“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle.

Dinner with Claire and Flor in Pienza then bus to Chiusi

We started the day with Flor kindly giving up her morning to accompany us to the home of “Brunello”, Montalcino. Claire laughed about being surrounded by Brunello. The countryside between Montepulciano and Montalcino is very Tuscan, hence, we oohed and ahhed. We had breakfast and Claire went inside the fortezza, but a pending sale of a painting back in Montepulciano had us hurrying back. Flor being the very generous person that she is, offered to take us to dinner in Pienza, which we accepted.


The day had been long and perhaps disappointing for Flor, as her potential client left her shop about 3 minutes before she arrived back at her shop. Nonetheless, we enjoyed dinner at a lovely restaurant, visually and food-wise.

Other visits to Pienza, about 12 km from Montepulciano

On Wednesday morning we headed to Caffe Poliziano for Claire’s cappuccino and Americano for me, when we came to the realization that we needed to get back for Claire to pack her bags and start the trip to train station in Chiusi (QZ). We took the Urbano (little orange bus) to the big blue bus stazione, to train. Claire bought her ticket to airport in Fiumicino where she was picking up a rental car for her continuing trip to Amalfi Coast. When we got to the platform for her train she had 2 minutes to spare and that only because the train was 5 minutes late. Giving the bus schedule, you either have to cut it that close time-wise or arrive an hour early.

Bus ride to Chiusi


Claire with her cappuccino ‘take away’.


Driving through Chianciano Terme with pink yarn covering trees, benches and any anything not moving.


Chianciano Terme become PINK for PREVENTION

October is the PINK month dedicated to breast cancer PREVENTION. 

For this reason also Chianciano Terme turns pink together with the project of the “Io Sempre Donna” Association, that through a new way of urban art dressed in pink benches, road signs, street lights and statues all around town. 

Very important also are the different materials used for this urban street art installations. In fact, most of these works are knitting, always consider a lady’s hobby. The result is a sweet feminine and peaceful invasion of crochets and knitting in all shades of pink that this month, artistically and symbolically, will colour the streets of Chianciano Terme

Seen from the bus and at train station.

Goodbye, Claire, thanks for spending a few days with me.

Claire enjoyed driving a Fiat 500 from Rome to Vietri sul Mare and shared the beauty with these photos.

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