“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle.

Bern, Switzerland

Bern was intended as a respite, however, it's a pretty town in an absolutely gorgeous setting, so we enjoyed the sights, especially taking a funicular ride up the top of a mountain overlooking Bern to a wonderful park with playgrounds, children's garden, restaurants and lots of parkland with views of the Alps.  

Our Airbnb apartment was smack in the middle of the city center, right where we wanted to be.. It was quite nice, including the private bathroom and kitchen, which we had to leave the apartment and cross a stairwell to get to.  That was a tad inconvenient and night time trips to the bathroom might wake up the household because all doors had to be closed behind.  There were only 4 apartments in the building.  We were on the 2nd level and the landlord on the 4th and I never did meet anybody coming or going at night.

Climbing the Alps to Cervinia