“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle.

Another Fun Day with Ann

We had an ease-into-the-day morning; meaning lots of coffee for me and a nice breakfast before heading out for the day. First stop a castle, which we didn’t see because it was a ‘walk-in only’ day. The second photo shows the castle in the distance. The gatehouse is a beauty and the scenery is spectacular. I’ve been so impressed with the walk-ways, stairs, paths that give easy access to beaches and walking paths. We climbed up an easy walk stairway to get a good perspective.

Charming roadways leading to old pubs, farm buildings and lighthouse.

We were looking for historic Royal Mail post boxes. We found several from the reign of Queen Elizabeth and one from the reign of Queen Victoria

More than 60% of current British post boxes carry the EIIR mark of Queen Elizabeth II or a Scottish crown. Boxes from the reign of George V account for about 15% of the total. There are smaller numbers, in descending order, of boxes from the reigns of George VI, Victoria, and Edward VII. The Letter Box Study Group has identified 171 boxes surviving from the short 1936 reign of Edward VIII.

All photos of churches and graveyards are from different locations. Many of them look very similar, probably because they were built in the same era. I took the photo of the large cross because I thought the last name was Colwell (maiden name of my mother-in-law). When I enlarged it, I see that it is Bolwell, the family name of the couple who own the bakery and my apartment. BTW: Sarah and Tom Bolwell had a baby girl last Saturday 11/17, in the parking lot (car park) of the hospital. Her name is Nancy.

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