“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle.

Roman Holiday

I’m very excited to be living in Rome for the next two months. I’ve been to Rome several times for two nights stays which means that I’ve done the hop on and hop off bus to see the antiquities over and over again. I wanted to spend time living here, exploring the city at my leisure. And so here I am!

Piazza Navona

In the mood to to go to Centro Storico. My first week here was spent with severe jet lag. I had flown from Lima on Thursday, July 18,spent 22 hours in San Francisco and then flew 12 hours to Rome. I needed the entire week to recover and had begun to be afraid that I never would recover. I woke up Monday morning feeling fine and so off I went to see the sights.

By design, I’m living in a residential neighborhood which doesn’t have a lot going on as far as tourism is concerned. The grocery store is in the same building I live in so that’s convenient, there are all kinds of stores around and that’s fun and again conveniently, lots and lots of restaurants. Last Sunday I decided to eat in a restaurant for the first time and I could not find a single one open in my neighborhood. I thought it must be because everyone went to ‘mamas’ for Sunday dinner but what I learned was everybody was making their escape from Rome for the August holiday. Hundreds of thousands had headed for the beach. What I hadn’t considered is that all the neighborhood restaurants and other businesses would be closed during August. They don’t cater to tourist so all merchants are on August holiday, as well. I’m sure I’ll manage and if not I’ll take a taxi or bus to the city center or whatever I want to go and enjoy places new to me. I’ll just be seeing more tourists than I had planned!

A full week in Rome without an Italian meal. What’s wrong with that?! I was happy to rectify that with a glass of red wine, a plate of Pasta with Bolognese sauce, followed by a cup of Caffe Americano and then on to gelato, Limone because it hot and the icy lemon is very refreshing. I can predict that food and beverage photos will dominate my post from Roma.

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