UPDATE: 2018  -  My travel plans have expanded and I now plan to be 'on the road' for a year or two, spending time in Europe, UK, Ireland, Asia and the maybe even the USA.  Don't know when or where I'll 'settle down' again.



Ciao, Mi Chiamo, Elisabetta

I'm an American citizen by birth, Californian by choice and citizen by heart of Tuscany.

My Dream

For 15 years I dreamed of renting a villa in Tuscany and hosting family and friends in a month long house party.  As the years went by it became clear to me that if my dream was to come true I would need to start making plans for such.  

Finally in 2014 I started researching where in Tuscany I'd like to spend time.  I read memoirs, novels, and travel blogs and found myself drawn to Montepulciano.  It had also become clear that my family and friends didn't necessarily get along all that well and while a house full of people might have been fun years before, at age 70 it just seemed like a lot of work for me.  So the dream changed to 3 months in Tuscany in an apartment in a hill top village, where I could host smaller groups.

In 2015,  I went on a scouting trip to Montepulciano.  As soon as I stepped out of our Airbnb host Giorgio's car in the village, the hair stood up on my arms and I KNEW that this was the right place.  Now to find the right apartment.  

In my online research I had seen an apartment I liked  but wanted to check it out.  Things can look really good online but end up being next to a pig (porca) farm.  I had an appointment to see the apartment.  Love at first sight!  It was perfect and had the private outdoor space I wanted, which is rare in historic Montepulciano.  

A couple of weeks after returning home, I contacted one of the owners, Giacomo, of the Politian Apartments and contracted for April 12-July 10, 2016 for a two bedroom apartment.  

The 3 months spent there was too brief, but lovely in most every way.  Friends came and brought their friends.  Family came and fell in love, too.  My daughter returned to California after her 16 day visit and came back yet again with her son, Michael.

I was/and remain smitten! Here begins and continues by love affair with Montepulciano, Southern Tuscany. And now I will expand the 'love' to even more lovely places.